Thriving on its innovative motions, Mecalux’s ambitious expansion plans have now ranked the company third in the world in its field. It has consolidated its status as an across-the-board supplier of warehouse and technological solutions, always at the forefront of the industry and offering solutions developed in accordance to their clients’ needs.

1966 – 1980. Foundation of Mecalux 1966 – 1980

Foundation of Mecalux

Our company president, Mr. José Luis Carrillo, sets up the business in a 200 m² workshop in Barcelona in order to produce light shelving.

A sales network is set up across Spain.

The range of products is broadened with the pallet racking system.

1980 – 1990. Historical development of the company 1980 – 1990

Historical development of the company

Opening of the first overseas office (Paris).

Opening of offices in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Production centre (6,000 m²) opened in Argentina.

Broadening the range of products to clad-rack warehouses.

1990 – 2000. International expansion 1990 – 2000

International expansion

Becomes public trading company.

New 15,000 m² logistics warehouse opened in Barcelona.

Awarded ISO 14001 Certificate of Environmental Management.

Rapid international expansion: offices opened in France, UK, Portugal, Chile, Mexico, USA, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.

Launch of logistics magazine Mecalux News.

Awarded ISO 9001 Quality Control Certificate.

Development of first stage of a 30,000-m² factory in Tijuana (Mexico).

2000 – At present. Integration of logistics services 2000 – Present

Integration of logistics services

Opening of new branches in Belgium, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Singapore and Slovakia.

New production centres in the USA and Poland come into operation.

Buy-out of TKINSA (Thyssen Krupps division of automated warehouses) and Esmena.

Expansion of factories in Poland and Chicago.

Consolidation of new production plant for galvanized metal and carpentry in Cornellà.

Automation of new warehouse and shipping centre in Cornellà.

Agreement between Mecalux and IESE creating CIIL (International Centre for Logistics Research).

Creation of the industrial directory Logismarket.

Incorporation of the new production plant of Esmena in São Paulo, with a surface of 27,000 m².

Purchase of American company assets, UFC Interlake Holding Co., in the United States and Mexico.

Launch of Clasimat, the automated vertical storage system, and Spinblock, the automated horizontal carousel.

Newly launched version of Easy WMS, with a 90-day free trial of the basic version available for download from the internet.

Renovation of the company's corporate image.

Launch of the robotics division dedicated to manufacturing automated storage systems.

Industrial magazine Logismarket launched.

New Gijón technology centre for the technological development of the Easy WMS management software.

Expansion of the company’s product range with the new Movirack.