Araldica Castelvero: maximised space for wine storage


Italian wine producer and distributor Araldica Castelvero will install Movirack mobile racking in its warehouse in Castel Boglione (north-west Italy). This solution is ideal for optimising warehouse surface area, as it increases storage capacity by 80% to 120% when compared to traditional pallet racks.

In just over 960 m2, Araldica Castelvero will house more than 3,000 pallets with a maximum unit weight of 1,250 kg. The 11-metre-high racks can accommodate pallets of two different sizes: 1,000 x 1,200 mm and 800 x 1,200 mm. In addition to making full use of the space, Movirack mobile racks will streamline pallet loading and unloading operations, as they provide direct access to all the SKUs stored.

In total, Mecalux will equip the warehouse with two racking units on mobile bases that will move laterally and automatically. To open the aisle where the required goods will be housed, the operator will merely issue the order by means of a remote control.

Movirack mobile racking will maximise the warehouse surface area

Araldica: quality Piemonte wine

Araldica Castelvero is a cooperative winery founded in 1954. Currently, with an annual turnover of more than EUR 60 million, it is one of the largest producers of Italian wine. For many years, the company has paid special attention to the sustainability of its vineyards and to its surroundings: the hills of Langhe and Monferrato, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amongst the large amount of wine it produces are DOCG Barbera d’Asti, Moscato d’Asti and Gavi.