Labor Management System (LMS)

Labor Management System (LMS)

Make precise estimates of your workforce needs by streamlining daily operations.

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Measure the productivity of your workers objectively by comparing standard performance, detecting added values and inefficiencies.

A Labor Management System (LMS) is a software that lets you:

  • Analyse direct and indirect labor activities, as well as control inputs and outputs.
  • Configure both individual or team time standards, and calculate these from historical data.
  • Calculate movements according to the equipment used and the 3D warehouse layout.
  • Plan workforce needs from on hand data.
  • Keep employees in the loop with real-time objectives and performance levels.
  • Access a control panel with all primary indicators.
  • Configure fatigue and time coefficients of personal usage.

How does a Labor Management System (LMS) work?

  • This system is based on recording real-time task performances and comparing these to the estimated time standards for each.
  • Real-times are calculated by adding up direct times (carrying out tasks assigned to specific SKUs), indirect times (not specific to SKUs) and downtimes when no tasks are done.
  • A standard time adds up the target time used to do the task and the adjustments needed according to the type of item and its location. It weighs in fatigue indicators and estimated delays, and adds the time needed for movements to the result.

By entering these calculations into the system, the administrator can configure the estimated performance standards and compare these with the actual performance of the workers.

Reports to help make decisions

Control panels that show the primary indicators can be grouped according to the:

  • Department the operator belongs to.
  • Work shift.
  • User type by productivity and efficiency.
  • Types of processes carried out.
  • Time slot, including on a daily basis.


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