Third Party Logistics (3PL) Software Solutions

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Software Solutions

Third Party Logistics: how to manage multiple customers in the same warehouse and keep it all under control. Efficient multi-owner stock care

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Every customer looks to its logistics operator for timely goods management

Handling customers, stock assets, product custody and the overseeing of the information about the processes and operations used for each customer are instrumental in the 3PL sector.

This software gives logistics operators comprehensive control over their customer’s logistics by being aware of each one, what processes are required and when. It shows how much stock is available and where it is, and organises dispatches through the various carriers set up in Easy WMS.

  • Item master with management of owners.
  • Multi-warehouse oversight.
  • Stock tracking.
  • Process visibility by stock owner.
  • Advanced carrier agency module.


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