Globalway: e-commerce warehouse with 53,000-plus pallets


Globalway, the Polish company charged with managing online shop, has leased 52,000 m2 in the Panattoni Park industrial estate in Gdansk (Poland). The company has chosen Mecalux as its logistics provider in agreement with the Querco Property agency. To bolster its expansion plan, Globalway will equip this facility with racking to accommodate over 53,000 pallets containing toys, furniture and sport accessories.

Pallet racking in the new Globalway e-commerce warehouse in Poland

The new Globalway warehouse is noted for providing a high storage capacity for highly varied SKUs. The 8.7-metre-tall, 148-metre-long pallet racks, are extremely versatile and durable, adaptable to any type of load, weight and volume.

Another characteristic of this storage system is the direct access it provides to products, which will greatly streamline goods management and the preparation of orders placed online. Moreover, operators will carry out picking directly from the pallets located on the lower levels of the racking. Due to its size, underpasses will be opened in the racking to facilitate operator travel.

Our goal over the next few years is to create and develop a modern, automated logistics centre that will enable us to make urgent shipments and deliveries of our own-branded products.

Sean Yao, General Manager at Globalway

About Globalway

Globalway, an e-commerce retailer that forms part of the Costway Group, supplies a wide range of products for the home, the office, fitness, children, etc. With a presence in many countries — such as the UK, the US, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland — it plans to continue expanding its market in the coming years. Globalway’s strategic partners include renowned companies such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wish and Home Depot. Its products are also available in local online shops.