Hispanox will automate various logistics processes

28 Nov 2017

Mecalux will set up a conveyor system and three picking stations to automate the front of the Hispanox warehouse, a leading stainless steel hardware distributor owns in Polinyá (Barcelona, Spain).

Hispanox has two warehouses with pallet racks in Polinyá. One of these, consisting of nine storage aisles operated by trilateral forklifts and order pickers, is where small and medium-sized items are picked. Aiming for streamlined order picking, Mecalux will soon install an automatic conveyor system linking four working aisles that make up the warehouse.

Inbound and outbound conveyors will be placed at the end of one of these aisles. These conveyors will flow onto a recirculation conveyor that will allow pallets to be carried to the picking stations. Three picking stations will fill out the design, where operators will put together the orders with the goods emerging from these aisles.

The automation of part of the warehouse fulfilment operations at the Hispanox warehouse will mean a boost in the company’s flow of goods and time savings during picking tasks. Overall this will mean a notable improvement in efficiency and the quality of customer service.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Hispanox offers a huge variety of products, in particular: nuts and bolts, washers, bars, anchors, etc. At the same time and with customer focused care its target, it supplies specialised parts in steel, stainless steel and other alloys. Its installations in Polinyà (Barcelona) are 5,500 m2 in size and stock more than 22,000 SKUs.

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