Food distributor Impuls will install Easy WMS in its warehouse in Slovenia


The Špica technology company has suggested that the Slovenian food distributor Impuls Domžale install the Easy WMS –the warehouse management system developed by Mecalux– in its warehouse in Radomlje. With this WMS, the company will increase the productivity of all operations, for picking in particular.

Punctuality is an indispensable requirement for this business, as Impuls's priority is to make sure customers have the food items they ordered when they need them. Therefore, the WMS will ensure that orders are processed error-free and faster, which will improve customer satisfaction.

David Božič - Sales and Logistics Manager at Impuls Domžale
“With the spectacular increase in sales we have experienced in recent years, a paperwork run warehouse just didn't make sense. We are very satisfied with our ERP but are still doing everything on paper. But, it’s not efficient enough. We need a system that cuts human errors down to a minimum. So, the operational benefits a WMS can bring our business is a breath of fresh air. For example, response time and speedy order preparation are central to how we work.”

The Impuls warehouse in Slovenia with Easy WMS from Mecalux

About Impuls Domžale

Impuls distributes food to public institutions, such as nursery schools, schools, hospitals, seniors centres. Since it opened in 1989, it has worked with some of the most renowned brands on the market, besides developing its own brands. It also has a special business line for people with food allergies and intolerances.