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17 Oct 2016

Mecalux has recently integrated a Data Warehouse into its Easy WMS warehouse management software. This application is in charge of compiling, analysing and providing all the information regarding the warehouse, which allows the most appropriate decisions to be made to streamline its operation. In addition, it presents the great advantage of operating independently from the production system.


About Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is an analysis system composed of a database where all information related to the warehouse is registered and a ETL tool (Extract, Transform, Load), which groups and segments this data to turn it into easy to handle information and adapted to the needs of the customer.

Its main function is the provision of detailed, objective statistical information to devise strategic solutions that improve the throughput of the warehouse and the logistics processes.


Extracting data

All the information that Data Warehouse brings together comes from the WMS production database or other external sources (like an Excel sheet, the ERP, a web service or any other information source that the ETL software is capable of processing).

The data is always available for queries, during a much longer period of time than the WMS.



The ETL tool converts data into graphic KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and reports with very useful numerical and textual data for business management.

The indicators present the current status of the warehouse and display them on the interface by means of circular, linear or digital representations. Although, by default the Easy WMS system by Mecalux already facilitates visual information of these characteristics, Data Warehouse can customise the indicators depending on the metrics and KPIs needed by the business or the customer.

The results can be verified safely (by means of restricted and role-based access control), using the Internet, via email or mobile devices.


The main advantage Data Warehouse presents is it can be separated from the Easy WMS server and, as such, does not interfere in the operations of its database.

In addition, Data Warehouse is independent of historical data archives. Therefore, the system is safe from any deletion of historical data, or subsequent loss of information. Vital information is always kept safe and close hand.


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