Mecalux will equip the new Zambú warehouse with the Pallet Shuttle system

20 Sep 2017

Zambú Higiene, a company who manufactures, distributes and sells more than four thousand industrial hygiene and cleaning products, has hired Mecalux to supply and install the high-density Pallet Shuttle system. Its new warehouse in Murcia (Spain) will house close to 10,200 pallets.

Five blocks of high-density racks will be installed, attended by four Pallet Shuttles. The four level, 12 m high racks can store 3,450 pallets of 800 x 1,200 mm.

The Pallet Shuttle is a semi-automated, high-density storage system where an electric shuttle runs along the rails inside the storage channels, carrying out the loading and unloading of pallets autonomously. Shuttle operations will be managed by Wi-Fi connected tablets. Pallets will be loaded into one aisle and unloaded at the opposite end of the rack, according to the FIFO criterion (first in, first out), —the best system when precise product turnover is required.

Moreover, 11.5 m high, five level pallet racks will also be supplied that can store 6,693 pallets of 800 x 1,200 mm. Lower levels will be enabled for picking directly off pallets, leaving palletised products on upper levels. This is the most versatile rack around because it adjusts to any type of goods. Furthermore, it has the big advantage of giving direct access to pallets because racks face the working aisles, achieving optimal occupancy of rack locations


About Zambú Higiene

Founded in 1980 in the town of San Pedro de Pinatar (Murcia, Spain), Zambú has become a key player in the manufacture, distribution and sale of industrial cleaning and hygiene products. With more than four thousand items in its portfolio, the company has moved into selling not only to hotels and restaurants but also to more prominent business sectors such as industrial production, public administration, healthcare, education, etc.



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