NormaGrup to expand its logistics centre with new automated warehouse for boxes


Mecalux will install an automated warehouse for boxes in the logistics centre that NormaGrup Technology has in the municipality of Llanera (Spain). It will consist of three aisles with double-deep racks. Approximately 7 m high on each side, these racks will supply around 4,000 storage locations.

The automated warehouse for boxes from the NormaGrup technology company

The warehouse has been designed to supply NormaGrup Technology's factory with the non-stop products it requires. The miniload system will ensure on-time, error-free deliveries.

Mecalux will also implement the Easy WMS warehouse management system (WMS), which is responsible for planning production centre flows and assigning a storage bin to the goods. To do so, it will communicate with the rest of the company's IT systems.

About NormaGrup Technology

NormaGrup Technology, with more than four decades of experience, is a company that produces technology for any industrial sector business: emergency lighting equipment, smoke detectors, hospital equipment, etc. Its staff strives to design and build robust, innovative, energy-efficient systems that comply with all European legal regulations.