Yiallourou Eurofoods teams with Mecalux and grows into mobile frozen storage

01 Mar 2018

Mecalux was chosen as Yiallourou Eurofoods partner and successfully installed a Movirack mobile pallet racking system in its warehouse located in the Cyprian city of Larnaca.

The solution consists of seven, 11 m high mobile rack units each with five load levels, as well as two pallet racks along the sides of the warehouse. This arrangement allows the storage of up to 2,000 pallets with a maximum weight of 1,000 kg each. Apart from that, and keeping the need of Yiallourou Eurofoods in mind, the racks can house two different pallet sizes: Euro pallets (800 x 1,200 mm) and 1,000 x 1,200 mm pallets.

The freezer storage area works at a controlled -20 ºC to maintain the goods in optimum condition. The selected storage solution is particularly suited to spreading chilled air between the pallets and achieving energy savings, since there is maximum space usage by eliminating aisles between the racks.

To open the required aisle and to extract or deposit the goods, the operator gives the command using a remote-control device. The system features safety measures that protect personnel and the goods, such as inner and outer barriers with photocell sensors, which halt all activity when operators are working in the aisle.

By using Movirack mobile pallet racking, the business not only saves on logistics costs. In addition, it also optimises its warehouse, while facilitating direct access to any pallet by the operators.


Yiallourou Eurofoods teams with Mecalux and grows into mobile frozen storage


Yiallourou Eurofoods is a Cyprian company specialising in the supply of high-quality frozen foods like meats, seafood, vegetables, potatoes and fruits. Founded in 1992, it carries more than 200 types of frozen products to meets its customers’ needs, from individual buyers to retail stores, and even restaurants and large hotels.

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