Multi Carrier Shipping Software - Easy WMS module

Automate order packaging, labelling and shipping

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More and more businesses are selling items through their websites or marketplaces. This type of online retail is characterised by the large number of orders that need to be delivered every day.

For these companies, consumer habits have made the last mile a critical factor. So, to a large extent, customer satisfaction depends on making deliveries that meet current expectations.

Therefore, it’s standard practice to work with different transport agencies, choosing the most suitable one for each situation.

When your business can no longer manage day-to-day orders properly, and contacting multiple agencies manually means that workers perform the same task repeatedly with inefficient results, any mistake made will lead to:

  • incorrect orders,
  • return costs,
  • the resulting customer dissatisfaction,
  • and, ultimately, an obstacle to your company’s growth.

Mecalux Software Solutions has designed a specific solution for businesses that sell online.

Multi Carrier Shipping Software lets you automate order shipments through multiple agencies. This additional functionality enhances the control provided by the Easy WMS warehouse management system.

This module cuts costs and ensures faster deliveries right from the start by automatically choosing the most suitable transportation agency according to the criteria selected.

Thanks to Multi Carrier Shipping, employees no longer spend their time performing manual tasks to dispatch each order.

While the warehouse staff is packaging the items that make up the order, this module provides the selected transport agency with the relevant shipping information, such as:

  • the number of parcels,
  • their weight,
  • and their size.

In real time, the agency confirms the operation with the information needed to generate and print the corresponding label, together with the delivery note and tracking number.

Multi Carrier Shipping also tells the warehouse operator what type of packaging and labelling to use for each order according to each carrier’s criteria.

In the case of multi-unit orders, the module makes the necessary calculations so that the operator knows what box type and size to use to minimise the shipment volume.

Once the operator affixes the label to the package, the order is ready. The carrier merely needs to scan the label to confirm that it’s the correct package. This module can also perform order grouping tasks. That is, it can consolidate different shipments into a single group based on route, agency or package recipient.

The online store will then inform the customer that the order has been sent with the delivery note and tracking number, which the customer can use to monitor the package online.

In short, this module speeds up, automates and simplifies shipments of orders to customers.

With Multi Carrier Shipping Software, your company can send more orders more easily. And you’ll do this while meeting the goal of on time, error-free deliveries, building customer loyalty and growing your business.

Mecalux has over 50 years of experience in the logistics sector. The thousands of projects it's implemented comprise innovative solutions that meet the needs of the market.