Logistics chain innovation in Argentina and Peru: clad-rack warehouses with Pallet Shuttle to be built

09 May 2016

In recent months, the markets of Argentina and Peru have opted for the compact storage system Pallet Shuttle by Mecalux.

This solution incorporates numerous innovations to streamline the processes of the entry and exit of goods in the warehouse. It also provides great storage capacity, thanks to an electric shuttle that loads and unloads pallets in the interior of the racks, moving autonomously along rails.

Close up of the Granja Tres Arroyos warehouse in ArgentinaAmong the projects recently carried out in these countries, two constructions, in particular, stand out that have combined the benefits of clad-rack warehouses with those containing Pallet Shuttle racks.

In Argentina, Granja Tres Arroyos, one of the major producers and exporters of frozen chicken, has chosen this solution when building their new frozen cold-storage.

The combination of a clad-rack warehouse with the Pallet Shuttle system is particularly recommended in cold-storage, although, the building is not of great height. In addition to lowering manoeuvring times, it offers a high storage capacity that reduces the volumetric area to be kept cool, resulting in energy cost savings.

On the other hand, the Mecalux Peru team has completed the construction of another clad-rack warehouse with Pallet Shuttle for Medifarma, one of the top 5 pharmaceutical laboratories in Peru. In this project, given the diversity of the products marketed, the versatility of the system proved essential, while also increasing the number of cycles per hour compared to a conventional system.

In both cases, it is worth noting that although these clad-rack warehouses are not very tall, they have also been the most profitable option for both companies. This is because the storage channels were constructed to the depth which was strictly necessary, calculated according to their required functionality.

Close up of the Mediafarma warehouse

The goal is to put new technologies and approaches within reach all kinds of companies, to multiply the productivity and profitability of storage installations, achieving maximum performance within the logistics chain.

Mecalux, in its effort to provide up close and personal service to its customers, is present in Argentina with two sales offices in Buenos Aires and a 21,000 m2 production centre, while there is also a delegation in Lima, Peru. Overall, the strength of the customer support is second to none.

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