The warehouse management software by Mecalux runs Zukán’s centre

14 Nov 2017

The Easy WMS warehouse management system by Mecalux is in charge of running the operations of the warehouse Zukán owns in the town of Molina de Segura (Murcia).


The warehouse, located in the vicinity of the production centre, is not only allocated to housing the company’s goods. In addition, this is where raw materials are processed into solid and liquid products, and are packaged into different formats to supply the production centre and the company’s customers.

The Easy WMS by Mecalux was implemented, keeping the needs of the business in mind. The software provides an added value when managing warehouse fulfilment operations and raw materials, as well as the rest of the products (flowing from the production centre itself or from other warehouses).

This system ensures the preparation, reception and dispatch of orders. Likewise, it is capable of streamlining the movements of operators inside the warehouse installation, distributing work tasks and controlling stock.

The WMS is synchronised with Zukán’s ERP, namely, the NED by Kumobe. This interconnection facilitates the data processing of the warehouse’s incoming and outgoing goods, while optimising runtimes, personnel and power usage.

Other than the warehouse in Murcia, Zukán also has other centres in Spain where the software could be implemented down the road, based on growing business demands.

Specialist in natural sweeteners

Zukán develops, produces and sells mainly naturally based sweeteners. They use these varieties of products in production processes that include sweetening, whatever the sector or product.

With more than 700 customers nationally, it has its sights set on doing business globally. So, it is expanding its business into functional, no added sugar and clean label products, keeping pace with current trends in the food market.

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